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What do you step children call you

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wildfish Wed 23-Jul-08 16:50:56

I mean apart from bad names,

what are you referred to as and how old are the kids?

First name, petname, mum etc?

GumsNRoses Wed 23-Jul-08 16:53:12

My Dsd lives with us and calls me by my first name, but always gets cards with Mum on them, she is 15.

superflybaby Wed 23-Jul-08 17:14:56

My 2 DSD are 10 & 11, I have known them 8 yrs, they asked if they should call me Mum at one stage but I said I'd rather be called by my first name, so they do.
Sometimes they call me by a pet name but that is a pet name everyone uses for me.

When they were 5&6 their Mum married and they had a 'new Dad' who then disappeared after a year. That really hurt them, that their 'Dad' could just up & leave. They were not to know, at their age, that their real Dad would never do that.
I think kinder to stick to first names / pet names, unless special circumstances.

Carmenere Wed 23-Jul-08 17:18:50

Well we are not (yet) married but 2 of them live with me and they call me by my first name. Dss (19) refers to me as his step-mum when talking about me to others. Dsd (21) refers to me as her dads gf or partner.

Surfermum Wed 23-Jul-08 18:28:39

First name, always have been. She's 12 and I've known her since she was 4.

youcannotbeserious Wed 23-Jul-08 19:00:21

i have 2 DSDS - now 10 and 13 who i've known for, err...., just under 10 years!!!

They call me by my first name or by a pet name only DH and the DSDs use...

youcannotbeserious Wed 23-Jul-08 22:44:21

My mother has just reminded me to tell you all that my 'pet name' translated as 'shit' in Spanish so it might be something his ex quite enjoys!!!

That's (honestly) not where the nickname came from though!!

ElenorRigby Thu 24-Jul-08 19:13:06

First name or affectionate name eg Ellie Wellie

scorpio1 Thu 24-Jul-08 19:13:44

first name, he is 6

ElenorRigby Thu 24-Jul-08 19:18:09

btw Wildfish I take you to task about the "bad names" bit!
"step" kids can have really good relationships with "stepparents" you know!

wildfish Thu 24-Jul-08 20:41:36

ElenorRigby : just joking about the bad names , although YBCS not so sure wink

youcannotbeserious Thu 24-Jul-08 21:38:40

haha!!! My pet name is Kaka.... DSD2 used to call me that when she was just learning to talk - Mum was Mama, Dad was dada, I was kaka...

Honestly, I see it as a huge compliment because it reflected where she saw me in her life, IYSWIM......

But, I'm quite sure it's raised the odd smile! grin

Anna8888 Fri 25-Jul-08 08:38:28

My stepsons call me by my first name, and also call my parents by their first names. They refer to me to their friends as their stepmother.

jammi Wed 30-Jul-08 13:12:01

Message withdrawn

bratnav Wed 30-Jul-08 19:43:51

I get called by my first name by DSD (4), I have known her for a year-ish. She calls my DSis and BIL Aunty and Uncle though...

My DDs call DP either by his first name or Daddy, they are similar ages and we just let them go with whatever they wanted, never had a conversation about it.

Both DSD and DDs call the others GP by the names the others use IYSWIM

AbbeyA Thu 31-Jul-08 08:10:03

My DS calls his step father by his first name but refers to him as 'my dad' because, as Jammi says,he finds it easier not to have to explain the situation.

julienoshoes Sat 02-Aug-08 22:43:51

Stepson calls me by my petname-and has done so since he was a little boy.
Stepdaughters 9From different relationship, call me by my name-but then so do my children.
All are grown up now.

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