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step-parent adoption,any experiences?

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Divastrop Sun 22-Jun-08 20:43:15

i posted this elsewhere but got little response so thought i would try here.

my dh has applied to adopt ds2 and tomorrow somebody is coming from childrens services to speak to the 2 of us.

we have to go to court to see if they can dipesnse with the need for xh's consent on the ground that he cannot be contacted and it's in ds's best interests the adoption goes ahead.

i am quite nervous and wondering what sort of questions will be asked etc.any advice/experiences most welcome!

youcannotbeserious Sun 22-Jun-08 21:31:12

Sorry, no advice - never been through this, though I would imagine they will focus on

1. How long XH has been absent and why
2. DS's reaction to his dad and his step dad
3. Your relationship (you and DH) - stability, longevity etc.

Hope this helps a bit and, if not, it's a bump... smile

Divastrop Sun 22-Jun-08 23:08:33

thank yousmile

xh has been absent since ds was 4 months old(he is almost 5 years now)and has made no attempt to get in contact.i have attempted to speak to ds about his biological father but he has no interest,as far as he's concerned he's only got a mummy.he loves dh and they have a good relationship,although he is a total mummy's boy(as he knows he can twist me round his little fingerblush)

moopymoo Sun 14-Sep-08 09:21:47

we are about to go down this road with dh wanting to adopt ds1 - wondered if you would like to share experiences? We have done nothing about it yet and Im not even sure where to start!

sharkbait Fri 19-Sep-08 13:02:09

Hi Im new to this site and dont know some of the codewords and stuff, but me and my partner are just beginning this process and are quite nervous about it, let me know how it goes!! smile

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