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Has anyone ever been involved in getting a Step-parent Parental Responsibility Order?

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rosemadder Mon 17-Sep-07 10:27:23

My xh is moving 200 miles away. I have asked him to sign a form for a Step-parent Parental Responsibility Order to be granted to my dh, thus allowing my childrens' stepfather the same rights as a birth father (i.e the right to take time off work for a sick child, the right to take unpaid parental leave to cover school holidays & so on).

My x and I have 3 dc (aged 6,8 & 9). We divorced 4 years ago. I am now remarried & have lived with dh for 2 years. My dc live fulltime with dh and me, except for 2 nights contact every other weekend and 14 days of school holiday each year.

Essentially his moving won't make any difference other than the weekends will no longer be possible. He isn't involved in day-to-day stuff like school, parties, brownies, dentist etc. Has never taken unexpected time off for medical emergencies, inset days etc. Nor has he ever been in the habit of suprise birthday/starting school/fell-off-bike-and-banged-head phone calls or treats... between "his" weekends. My dh does ALL the stuff that I think earns him the right to have parental responsibility in law... dashing to A&E at 5am, cleaning up sick, organising birthday parties, spending days on river bank with fishing bore d, helping with homework.

I fear x will use request as power kick and say no. I am trying to prepare response.

Any experiences or opinions with Step-parent Parental Responsibility would be appreciated. Feel free to ask for details, am sure I've missed out some helpful stuff!

alittleone2 Mon 17-Sep-07 14:57:05

Message withdrawn

rosemadder Mon 17-Sep-07 15:44:27

Thanks so much for your response. Maybe you can help some more... From what I've read there seem to be two different things -a PR "agreement" and PR "order". I'm wanting something legal that can ensure that if I suddenly died (not planning to obviously shock) my dc wouldn't be taken from their home, school, friends, various out of school activities, extended family, normal routine etc. My xh has a history of deep depression and suicidal tendencies and although he's really quite well now I believe it's partly because he lives without the stress of the dc.

The girlfriend he's moving in with has never lived with anyone, is desparate for a baby of her own and hasn't even met my dc yet. I just can't relax about the future. Am I being morbid in trying to work out what would happen if I died?

alittleone2 Tue 18-Sep-07 21:54:35

Message withdrawn

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