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ciera1 Wed 08-Apr-20 17:43:26

Me, my partner and daughter(2) were previously living with his parents we have just moved out to a smaller two bed that's in our budget
We have his daughter(11) every weekend however she sometimes goes home early or stays at his mums when she does stay she has to sleep on the sofa due to having no space she said is fine but i just feel awful
She has her own room at my partners mums and the other grand children share a room
My daughters room only just fits a cot bed and a wardrobe most of her toys are in the front room we couldn't go in that room because our bed wouldn't fit in there
I'm looking for advice is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable?

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woodencoffeetable Wed 08-Apr-20 17:46:11

can you get a bunkbed in the room? toddler bottom bunk with bed guard and sd her own space in the top bunk

ciera1 Wed 08-Apr-20 17:53:40

We was thinking that but didn't think it was very safe for my two year old who likes to climb on to anything unfortunately we was going to do that in a year when she turned 3 and started to under more

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Songbird232018 Wed 08-Apr-20 19:52:49

Before we moved house my SD slept on a jay be fold up bed that we put up and down, that was a good solution it had a proper mattress etc and could easily be put away when she left. Fine four nights a month till she was 13

OhCaptain Wed 08-Apr-20 19:56:14

What are those beds that come in a little press? And you open the doors to fold the bed out? Would that fit in toddler’s room?

QueenofallIsee Wed 08-Apr-20 19:59:35

We are a blended family of 7 (one adult DD who lives near her uni so not all the time) When we are all home we have a double bed that has a pull out single bed sort of built in (trundle? Day bed? Not sure what you call it) and also a single bed that completely folds up but is a ‘real’ bed. We are lucky with the space but I’d look for a single bed that pops up or a sofa bed initially in your shoes?

Windyatthebeach Wed 08-Apr-20 19:59:55

We had bunk beds and the older ds managed without a ladder so small dc couldn't get up!!


Spanneroo Wed 08-Apr-20 20:09:43

Our older DD has a bunk bed. We removed the bottom rung to stop 2yo DD2 climbing up

OhCaptain Wed 08-Apr-20 20:14:54

That’s a good idea about removing the bottom rung!

hotwate Wed 08-Apr-20 20:19:48

I didn’t think of this thank you

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