How acceptable you are= how many wedding invites you recieve

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Leflic Fri 01-Nov-19 00:23:58

I’m not getting into why this has come up. But basically there seems to be a pool of attractive, friendly women who get invited to stuff regardless of their actual relationship to main invitee.

So some of my frriend , every year, get invited to at least two weddings, That’s every year, since I’ve known them. Wheteas most people do their siblings, an odd coding and best friend.

Yet myself and other friends will have been to a couple of family do’s and maybe best friend whilst I have friends that do to weddings all over the world in a regular based,. I don’t think I am short of friends or a social circle/or people to go out with in real life so it’s not me.

I have noticed invited guests they are all well maintained. Is there a link. Does better personal grooming make for a better guest?

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BackforGood Fri 01-Nov-19 00:58:25

Not in my world.

Despite not being of "traditionally getting invited to weddings age", dh and I get invited to quite a few, as we know / are involved with / are friendly with lots of different people from various activities we do. Whereas I like to hope we are nice people, friendly and good company, neither of us would ever be described as "well maintained" grin

There are often threads on here asking about how many friends people have (there has been one in the last week) and I genuinely say somewhere between dozens and hundreds, as I honestly think there are that many people I would call my friend. You get others posting saying '4' or '6' or even '0'.
You then get all the wedding threads where people are offended at being invited hmm
Then the ones about social media where people pile in to say they are upset because their friend has had the audacity to go on a day out / holiday / night out without them. Whereas my reaction is - 'how lovely' / that looks fun / glad they've got away / that looks a nice place / or whatever.
If you are that miserable, then I would stop inviting you to places too. Not meaning 'you' OP, I mean people who seem so negative about their so called friends all the time.

ChilledBee Fri 01-Nov-19 08:17:57

Hmm I have some friends who are always at weddings but in all honesty, some of the people aren't their friends and they barely know them. But they are "wedding people" as in they are well into the preparation and events and that's what secures them their seat. Have you heard of professional mourners? Well I joke that one of my friends is a professional wedding guest. But the weddings they are invited to are all people like them who want the numbers and the glam and the everything so they invite people like them to make it happen. I know people who should really be invited are excluded to make room for those who will make it a party but I guess it is their day.

LolaSmiles Fri 01-Nov-19 08:23:47

I think it depends on your friends and the nature of your friends.

One of my friends has a big group of girl friends and is bridesmaid at least once a year, lots of weddings etc because they have a big social circle. Her partner is the same. They love being social and often weddings are an excuse to invite everyone for a big party.

DH and I have a much smaller friend network of friends and so go to much fewer weddings. We have a good circle of acquaintances and get on with lots of people but our network of close friends is small. Our wedding was much smaller because we didn't want to invite half of work for an evening do etc.

BilboBercow Sun 03-Nov-19 10:53:19

Well obviously being friendly means you're likely to be well liked with a wider social circle so may get invited to more things. I don't think that's particularly difficult to understand

Alittleunknown Tue 05-Nov-19 05:42:28

I just see them as wedding types. I dont like weddings and stay very neutral when they're brought up hoping I'm not invited.

GrumpyHoonMain Tue 05-Nov-19 18:30:30

The friendlier you are, and the wider your friend circle, the more weddings you generally get invited to.


Polishlike Wed 06-Nov-19 17:29:51

I think going to university makes a difference. People I know/knew (in late 40's now) seemed to go lots of weddings of uni friends. I don't go to many but my friends are all a bit quirky, not the marrying kind smile

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