Name change by deed poll

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shas19 Thu 05-Sep-19 16:49:13

My sons dad has never been in his life, my son is 5. His biological dad has recently started paying maintenance but is all dealt with through his mum, she doesn't see my son either. My partner has brought my son up since he was two and he calls him dad. Me and partner also had a daughter together and are engaged. I want to change my sons name to my partners but was wondering do I need to inform his biological dad? He has absolutely no interest in him and isn't on his birth certificate!

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floodypuddle Thu 05-Sep-19 17:24:03

I had my surname changed to my step dad's as a small child, my bio dad isn't on birth certificate and nobody asked him but not sure if the rules have now changed. I'm guessing your son currently has your surname?

Being honest if I could choose I would not have taken his name. I like my step dad but it's not my name iyswim and I absolutely feel no connection or attachment to it. I would love to change it back to my original name (my mum's maiden name) but I think it would cause too much family upset. I would think about this carefully.

IDontBelieveYou Thu 05-Sep-19 17:25:43

If the dad isn’t on the certificate and you weren’t married then you can change his name.

JoxerGoesToStuttgart Thu 05-Sep-19 17:25:56

Have you changed your name to match your partners OP?

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