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chocolatesaltyballs22 Sat 10-Aug-19 16:30:25

Just interested in how much your husbands do with their kids. My step sons are 12 and 18 so not close in age which makes it difficult to find things that they both want to do when they're with us. They spend most of their time here in their rooms on their phones etc which I think is unhealthy. From a selfish perspective as well I'd also appreciate a little time to myself - they come to see him, not me! Today I suggested to him that he do something with them today - they're just back from hols with their mum and he hasn't seen them for a while. He was like 'yeah I guess I should do something with them...' so they went out 3 hours ago and I've had a blissful afternoon of peace!

When my DD16 is with us I take her out shopping/for lunch/visiting grandparents etc, so he has plenty of time to himself. I suppose it's a bit easier with girls.

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user1493413286 Sat 10-Aug-19 21:46:27

We normally do something as a family. Before having my own DD I had time to myself on our free weekends so it’s probably more often that DH takes both kids out now to give me a bit of time although that’s normally prompted by me.

chocolatesaltyballs22 Sun 11-Aug-19 10:21:14

Yeah I did have to suggest it to him to be fair - my own daughter is away so I just fancied a little peace!

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