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Totallytea4 Tue 23-Jul-19 23:29:01

I am hoping that some of you may have some advice, hope, for me.
A bit of background: I am a step mum to a young teenage girl and have younger kids of my own. We have all lived very happily together for four or more years. Then the young teen goes to secondary school and accuses me of all sorts to the teachers at her school. The school initially put it down to teenage behavior. Then the school nurse gets involved as the child had marked herself at her bio-mums house. The teen has been to see mental health professionals who said she was depressed. Now social services are involved.

All the stress which has been going on for nearly a year had caused our family to split. Unfortunately my ex can't buy me out of the house ( I can't as I don't work, stay at home mum. I put in my life savings as a deposit).
The atmosphere is horrible.
I am at a loss as to what to do. I am at breaking point. Please help.
And yes in hindsight life savings as a deposit was a big mistake.

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WomanLikeMeLM Wed 24-Jul-19 00:21:22

Your ex needs to move with his daughter for all concerned. Speak to SS yourself and tell them they need to rehouse them. You could sell your house, split the proceeds and move on.

Totallytea4 Wed 24-Jul-19 00:47:45

The house is on the market. SS have told me one thing and him another. I am not sure what's going on. I also mentioned to SS about his odd behavior after I spoke to the docs after becoming unwell, acute anxiety cos of all the blinking stress. Docs thought it was emotional abuse. Cos X says one thing and denies it later. Guess it's not a surprise his daughter does the same.
I didn't realise SS could rehouse them, I shall follow that up. Thank you so much. I feel like I am going bonkers.
It is hard sometimes to see a way out of this mess. Oh for fairy wings and a magic wand lol

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AnneLovesGilbert Wed 24-Jul-19 18:18:53

This sounds awful OP, I’m so sorry. You need to protect yourself and your child.

Are you married? If so you need to file for divorce and get the house sold ASAP.

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