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When the new "step parent" is only concerned with their children?!

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Squidworthscrabbypatty Wed 19-Jun-19 21:48:05

Not sure i have quite posted this in the right place but im not sure where else to ask.

So EXDP has split up with OW and moved back in with OW from when we were together (thats a whole other thread, but still and i shall refer to her as E).

I recieved a fb message from E today to explain she was really sorry but her and her children will be coming first from now on with my EXDP and she wishes to have no involvement in their lifes whatsoever as they have a new family unit now.

For background, when she was OW initially, she was not happy we were friends and would continually message him to show him how she speaks to her exdp and was trying to encourage him to do the same - when our DD was in intensive care at 6 weeks old with Sepsis, she accused me of lying for attention and wouldnt allow him to come to the hospital whilst i was there.

Exdp has blocked me from contacting him in any way shape or form, despite us being on relatively good terms up until recently with him having regular contact with DCs (aged 3 and 2).

She also mentioned that he will no longer be paying me any maintence as her and her DC will require financial support from him as she has lost out on some of her benefit entitlement as a result of him moving in.

Im raging, not because E has messaged me but i feel gutted for our DC , when he got with OW previously he dropped them at the drop of a hat and its taken a lot of tounge biting and hard work to get the point were we were almost successfuly co.parenting relatively well. Also, i feel exdp really needs to grow a pair and start doing the right thing for our DC not treating them like toys.

Has anyone been in a similar situation?

Would it be unreasonable for me to suggest perhaps he has them 50% of the time given he is no longer contributing? I dont mean for this to sound bitchy but i have recently been made redundant and have had to move on to Universal Credit.

I am deeply upset and saddened by Es message - i havent asked her or assumed she would be taking on the Step mum role (ex doesnt wait to introduce people to our DC).

RebootYourEngine Sun 07-Jul-19 18:24:20

There is no way I would want my kids anywhere near her. I do not think they would be looked after properly.

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