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Social Worker Visit-what are they looking for?

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elizabethmayli Sun 22-Jul-07 01:07:56

Not stepparent but thought a stepparent might be able to help.I am having a social services assessment next week and I really need to know what they will be looking for. I have a 10yr old relative who has been in foster care since Dec '06. We have been trying to get him to stay with us during school holidays since Feb half term. We have said that we will have him all the time but social worker thinks it will be too destructive to change schools (we live out of county). Finally social worker has agreed to do assessment next week. We have only managed this because he has requested to be moved from foster home because he doesn't like foster carer. (Hasn?t been taken to any of his extra curricular stuff since placement-carer plays online poker all day) The independent chair in review meeting said social services must do assessment. The social worker really doesn't like us. The child?s parents are poor, uneducated and foreign so the assumption is we must be too. (we are rich, educated and British)They also thought that the parents were sadistic sexual abusers but they don't any more. (Sexual abuse case dropped but kids can't go home till parenting assessment completed.) The social worker doesn't want him to be placed here so if there is anything at all wrong he will have to stay with poker player until Sept when a final decision about whether he can go home or not will be made. It will already be nearly 2 weeks into holiday when she visits so are we realistically going to get him to stay. I?m worried she will drag the paperwork out or 4 weeks then he will be back at school. What sort of questions can I expect? Will she ask about financial stuff and our sex lives? Do I need to hide the cat and the alcohol?

nightshade Sun 22-Jul-07 21:51:02

no. generally an assessment for staying during the likes of holiday time will be quite basic.

look around the house to see sleeping arrangements, police check forms to be signed, general getting to know you and whether or not you are sensible/know what to do in a crisis etc.

be open and honest, friendly and helpful!
there shouldn't be a problem unless you are knife wielding lunatics!

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