Breach of child arrangement order

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Butterflyone1 Wed 17-Apr-19 12:21:42

May I ask what the picture was please? My DP ex had a recent issue with me sharing family pictures as she didn't like it as she doesn't know every one of my friends.

There was nothing inappropriate, not even kids in their swimwear so I'm just wondering what could be deemed inappropriate.

Best of luck with court. It's so disappointing when things can't just run smoothly.

lifebegins50 Mon 01-Apr-19 23:04:02

What is the breach and how old is the child?
Cafcass report will be the deciding factor and to be fair it can be very variable. Some very biased towards one parent or other.
Just wait for Cafcass and that will give you an indicator of how the judge will perceive it.

NorthernSpirit Mon 01-Apr-19 21:36:44

My OH has taken his EW to court 3 x for breaching the contact order.

Judges do not like their rulings not to be adhered to. Each time the contact order has been tightened up and last time the EW was told by the judge if she did not adher to the contact order he would ‘take the children off her and they would live with their father’.

Since then (on the whole, she’s behaved). When she does go feral my OH reminds her if the judges words.

She must be pretty worried if she’s taken the time to pull together a 14 page statement justifying her actions.

My OH’s batshit crazy EW attempted to get a molestation order against her EW. Claiming he had attacked her 70 year old dad. Unfortunately lists aren’t intelligent enough to get away with lies. As in this case - she forgot about the CCTV cameras outside the gated development of the FMH. When the police viewed it was clear to see her 70 year old father kicking the door of my OH’s car with his foot while my OH was in it.

Courts are used to the lies and do see through them.

Good luck.

Chocolateisfab Mon 01-Apr-19 21:19:23

Surely her presenting fake pics will discredit her massively? My exh was shown to be a complete fabricator in court. Didn't do him well at all!

TheGodmother Mon 01-Apr-19 21:17:19

I have no advice but didn't want to read and run. It must be awful feeling so helpless sad

CMcallen Mon 01-Apr-19 20:45:23

Hey all..

So my Husband was at court today over a breach of a child arrangement order (ex breaching) and a variation..

The hearing was adjourned and one of the reasons is that Cafcass want to interview his Daughter and all parties.

His ex has written a fourteen page statement of utter drivel and lies, she has accused me of uploading an inappropriate image of her Daughter on Instagram and has exhibited pages from my account. She is blocked with good reason so has got someone else to look in to my account which I find strange. Some of the allegations are very disturbing and considering she has involved police in the past I feel she is capable of anything.

This is the fifth time in three years we have been to court over family and house issues. My Husband and I have kept such a dignified silence but it's got us nowhere and I wonder how much mud can be slung before you start to throw it back.

Has anyone been through similar? I just want him to have his day in court and for people to listen to how vindictive and unreasonable she has been.

Oh, and for all the step-parent haters, don't even bother commenting thank you.

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