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Dvh149 Tue 26-Mar-19 13:58:01

Hi, We are about to start having my partners 3 year old overnight (fortnightly) for the first time. We do not have any other children and we live in a large 1 bedroom flat and our bedroom is quite big so we thought that we can find a way to divide the room up a bit to create a "bedroom" for her with her own bed so she has a bit of space, rather than getting a camp bed out when she comes to stay. Also Social services have been involved on her Mums side and now we will have to be visited before she stays to check the accommodation is suitable. What is the norm? Would they expect us to move to a bigger home before she can stay? Our property is rented through housing association so they would not allow us to move to a bigger property with only 1 child staying fortnightly? Maybe i'm panicking over nothing?

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