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opinions/advice please

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tess01 Wed 11-Jul-07 10:11:27

My dd who is 15 lives with her dad, she text me on the weekend saying that her step sister who is 16 was nearly raped by her granddad on the weekend, i dont no any more than this. From what my dd has said her ss doesnt want to inform police, mum or step dad. I have not spoken to my ex in a few months so i dont think it would be appreciated to be hear about this from me. My question is do a let them no what my daughter has told me or respect the fact that the young lady in question is 16 and knows her own mind.

macdoodle Wed 11-Jul-07 10:14:44

Police and social services now - both children at risk

TaylorsMummy Wed 11-Jul-07 10:55:01

omg,is your daughter living with the grandad?? you have to speak to your ex whether you want to or not and if it were me i would be straight on the phone to social services/police.i would not be leaving my 15 year old dd in that situation or her step sister for that matter.i don't believe a 16 yr old that is being abused does 'know her own mind' she needs protecting. how awful

tess01 Wed 11-Jul-07 11:06:26

Thanks for replying and reasurance that i would be doing the correct thing speaking up.

TaylorsMummy thankfully they dont live with grandad, to be honest i dont no if my dd goes to visit or not, but it is something im definately going to ask her now

thx again

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