When it all works out in the end

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WhoPooped Sun 13-Jan-19 08:29:54

I’ve been with DP (now DF actually) for 3.5 years. We both have children from previous relationships.
Me - 2dcs, 8 & 4
Him - 2dcs, 14 & 9

I just wanted to write a post to let you all know that it can all come up roses in the end. Being a stepparent is incredibly difficult and at times thankless, but it can be worth it and wonderful too. This board has helped me a lot, I am greatful for all the advice over the years but it can be a bit doom and gloom so I wanted to write something positive!

At first we didn’t have it easy, the kids fought, argued and almost broke us. For the last 18 months though, we’ve reached a lovely calm equilibrium. The kids all get along, DP’s Ex is being really nice, my Ex and I have become friends, it’s all worked out for us.
I genuinely feel that I love my step children and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

I hope you all get your happy ending! It’s not easy being a blended family and stepparents get the shit end of the stick in a lot of situations but I know how hard you are all trying.
If anyone else wants to post a happy ending story please go ahead grin

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HappyStep1 Sun 20-Jan-19 18:07:20

Hi Whopooped,
I have a happy ending to, although we're slightly different in that my DP has two lovely DC and I have none.
Many years of pain and putting up but in the late couple we have really turned the corner and I can honestly say the relationship I have with my DSC now is the best it's ever been.
Not sure I can claim all the tough/shit times have be worth it and pretty sure I won't be friends with the ex but the DSC are now a joy to be with and I can confidently say I really do love them. 😘
Congratulations on your own happy ending, they are possible in the SP world apparently😁

spritesobright Wed 23-Jan-19 12:17:44

That's lovely to hear. Thanks so much for sharing. I've started seeing someone recently and one of our stumbling blocks is the idea that we might need to introduce our kids at one point and even become stepparents if it gets more serious.
I keep reading posts on here about how difficult it is and some people saying that they can't understand why anyone would want to move in with their partner if they both already have children.
I can see both sides but mostly I feel that I would like to share a home and life with a new partner and that therefore means it would include the kids.
It's also great to hear that you both love your new stepchildren and have gained from those relationships. I always wanted more children but ex didn't so the idea of more children to love is really nice (I will remind myself of that when they're all screaming at each other).

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