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StepMug Fri 07-Dec-18 15:43:12

Wandering around Tesco with my almost 2 year old when he starts to have the mightiest of tantrums. Screaming more shrill than he has ever done before. Not something that generally bothers me, just picked him up. He kept going obviously, trying to throw himself on the ground, upping the screams. EVERYONE is staring at this point, lady on the checkout was shaking her head at me, all I could was smile back blush I tried telling off (more for show than anything), distracting, in the end it was just easier to sort of hold on to him until the end.

Anyway, walked out the shop, and there was DP’s ex car parked a few up from mine. Hopefully she was on her way in as I was on the way out and that she didn’t see my child almost reduce me to tears, I don’t think I could take it blush

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Spanglyprincess1 Fri 07-Dec-18 17:09:56

All been there! Including baby vomit etc on clothes. Dosnt matter if.she or anyone else.saw you , your doing fine x

doozer42 Sat 08-Dec-18 18:08:48

Parenting is so hard at the best of times. We do our best and try to forgive ourselves (usually without actually needing any forgiveness) when things are not perfect. But add ex's into the mix and our emotions go a bit crazy. I'm usually very reasonable and calm. But my husbands ex makes me feel like a child and that somehow I'm crap. Which is crazy I know. So remember that you are the parent and doing what your child needed. And everyone else can just lump it!

StepMug Sun 09-Dec-18 00:20:45

God - I can’t bear the idea of going back in there. Horrific. I’m not sure I can cope with the paranoia about thinking people will remember. blush The checkout woman was the worst, I wish I’d been more ballsy and stared back but I couldn’t muster it.

Don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m normally quite proud of my calmness around tantrums but it was particularly bad and just felt like a goldfish bowl!

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Halloweenallyearround Sun 09-Dec-18 01:35:21

I remember telling my four year old off, he was being a right
Pup. And who was suddenly in front of me - the ex mil! She had such a smug look on her face.
I wanted to scream. I'm usual quite calming but he had just finished school wanted to put everything in my basket.

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