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SGIB14 Tue 20-Nov-18 21:57:05

So quick background. I've been with my partner for 2 years now I have DS (4yrs) and partner has his DD (7yrs) Kids get on well apart from the odd occasion DSD has attacked DS but we have sat her down and explained this isnt tolerated and will not continue, and we have a good relationship with both kids.
So the problem arises whenever we go out the house, days out, trips, play centres, cinemas even bloody shopping trips. The second something doesn't go her way she kicks off refuses to talk to anyone has a very nasty attitude and then goes home and cries and then causes arguments between her parents. So tonight's one was we took both kids to see Christmas light switch on. Both kids went on rides, she even got an extra one because DS was too young, they both had a go on the things they wanted etc etc however didn't get to see Santa because DSD was complaining she was too cold to stand and wait in the cue which was also too long any way . So explained to both kids why they wasn't going to see him today but said Santa is very busy and so everyone has to wait their turn to see him and we have to wait for our turn very soon to see him. They did both say hello and wave etc. No problems both kids accepted my explanation and were just excited for there turn to see him at a different place before christmas. Dropped DSD off and bang there goes the text messages from her mum absolutely disgusted her DD is upset at home because of the lack of seeing Santa. I am just beyond angry because in 2 years that has been the pattern of every single trip 1 thing goes wrong for DSD and she goes home cries and causes an arguement. I am at the point I just don't even want to take her places anymore although I'm probably unreasonable for feeling that way but it's really getting me down now. We can never have a nice family time without drama caused by her. What do I do?
Sorry moan overblush

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Mondaytired Tue 20-Nov-18 22:04:49

Is the problem her mum rather than DSD, ie she gets home.. mum says what have you done where have you been are you happy etc?
We all know it’s easy as child to then play the parents off against each other.
I’d be very matter a fact, it was cold both DSS and DS were freezing, going to go another time. Leave it at that.
As DSD gets older she will have more of a voice rather than people speaking on her behalf, she won’t realise her DM then rants on at you guys. It will get bette

SGIB14 Tue 20-Nov-18 22:13:47

I think DSD is actually behind this though as awful as it is to say. Her mother was just happy we were taking her to the lights and doing something Christmases. Altho I'm sure she does enjoy any reason to have a little go and an argument. I explained all the reasons explained the kids understood and it wasn't an issue but that's just not good enough. If it isn't DSD kicking off there and then it's her mother when she gets home. I'm just so annoyed as honestly not once in 2 years has this not been the case.

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