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RomeoDone Sat 03-Nov-18 13:54:11

After a bit of advice from anyone who might have any experience.

We have a CAO in place, EOW, 1/2 school holidays etc. Very standard. Ex and DP had good communication after court, however problems started once Ex got with her new boyfriend. The boyfriend does not like Ex talking to DP (words from his own mouth) and therefore communication has completely broken down and they now use a communication/contact notebook which is passed between them via DSD (9).

DSD currently attends dance classes on our weekends. We have an agreement with the dance school that she can go EOW. DSD was the one who asked to do the classes, as our younger DD attends each week aswell.

The dance school has a show coming up, which falls on our weekend luckily however all of the full dress rehearsals are on Exs weekend. DSD wants to do them, we have put the dates in the contact book passed between parents but Ex refuses to answer as to whether she will allow her to attend the rehearsals. Can we apply to vary the order to make her available for the rehearsals. It's only going to spite DSD if she is not able to attend.

Also, on another note, what do people do when DSKs go to secondary school and start wanting to spend time out with friends on weekend. We are contemplating speaking to DSD and seeing if she wishes to change her contact to spend one night a week with us, which she can choose (ie not just stuck to a weekend) and therefore freeing her up to go out wit friends etc.

Any advice would be great.

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