Christmas / Boxing day dinner ideas

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hamabr86 Tue 23-Oct-18 12:07:42

Last year we had DSC on Christmas day and the year before that DP went to his ex's so this will be their first boxing day 'Christmas' with us.

I have been debating what to do for dinner as I imagine they probably wont want to eat a Christmas dinner again so soon, and have been thinking it might be quite nice to have a specific meal and have boxing day traditions as it will be alternate years we will be doing this?

I'm a bit stumped as to what though? Wondered if any of you had idea's?

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AnneLovesGilbert Tue 23-Oct-18 12:15:46

Depending on how old they are can you ask what they'd like to have?

What are you and DP having on Christmas Day? If you're not doing the full works for yourselves you might want to do that for Boxing day so it matters what the two of you will enjoy as well.

There are variations on Christmas dinner as well. If they're having turkey at their DMs they might fancy a ham or beef with you.

(I'm vegetarian, sure others can advise better on meat inspiration!)

Creating new traditions is lovely and really important. Sometimes they happen organically and sometimes with thought and planning. I'd ask them what they fancy as a starting point. Last year when I asked my DSC what side dishes they wanted one asked for broccoli and one asked for cauliflower cheese... We did them, went well and now we have to have them again EVERY Christmas grin

Madlife Tue 23-Oct-18 12:45:31

Why don't you ask them all to help you create the menu? Choose the drinks etc? I'm sure that will be special

I agree with getting them involved. Having gorged on a roast dinner on Christmas Day, my daughters enjoy a buffet on Boxing Day. A whole heap of nice buffet foods that they can choose from, and can keep picking st over the afternoon if the mood takes them. Fits well with a relaxed day when people are chilling, playing with Xmas presents etc.

hamabr86 Tue 23-Oct-18 14:08:28

They are four and five years old. Every dinner we have the five year old shrugs when she's asked what she wants and the youngest asks for fish and chips (fish is about the only thing I hate).

The buffet might be a good idea because then we can suit ourselves I suppose. Thanks guys!

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Shoobydooby09 Tue 23-Oct-18 19:12:19

We tend to have a boxing day buffet that we pick at throughout the afternoon. I get nice bread for the sandwiches and have left over Turkey and I buy some roast beef. I also cook a ham joint at some point and use that too. Lots of finger food type things, breadsticks, dips etc the kids can just help themselves too.

Snappedandfarted2018 Tue 23-Oct-18 19:16:05

What about party food if they are so little?


Redbus1030 Wed 24-Oct-18 10:39:27

We do buffett style on boxing day, the kids love not being so formal after doing soo xmas day. We invite other family round open house style and they can just play with new toys and so on and its easier on me prep wise so I can spend time with them rather than being chained to the kitchen. smile

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