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Clarence450 Thu 18-Oct-18 14:05:43

My problem is that my partner moved in very quickly, due to circumstances, but was able to live in the top f;oor of my houde.
His 3 kids immed iately started to stay over, and things imediately started to disappear from the houde: money, phones. etc.
I could never prove anything, and my partner was always massively defensive about the issue, I suppose not wanting to accept that one of his kids was a thief. The boy in question has special needs, and continues to say with us, although naturally I hate every moment because I have to watch my possessions like a hawk until he has gone. We have no relationship due to the thieving. It has recently occurred to me that he may not even realise that we know that it is him who is the thief, and that this is the reason that I am so cool with him. My partner has now had to accept that at least on one occasion J has stolen from me, and feels terribly ashamed, but feels terribly responsible for his son and guilty at leaving the family home to come and live with me when they were small. What steps would other people take if they were in my shoes? Am I being harsh?

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SandyY2K Thu 18-Oct-18 18:57:44

Get a safe and lock away your valuables while you remain in the relationship.

You say he left home when they were small? Is that when the thieving started? Or was this all a long time ago?

HeckyPeck Fri 19-Oct-18 13:02:35

It’s not harsh to not want your belongings to be stolen.

I think the steps I might take would depend on the age of the child/whether your partner had now put any consequences in place?

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