You know when someone is absolutely taking the piss?

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StepMug Sun 14-Oct-18 19:34:57

Argh - Huge backstory about DSC’s Mum, social services removal etc. I realise that suit happens and sometimes you just have to suck it up but need to vent somewhere.

DP has DSC’s 50% of the time. Works pretty well for the most part. Anyway; last week DSC’s DM said she was being admitted to hospital for surgery so could we keep kids for a week and a half whilst she got back on her feet. Fine. DSC’s come to us, one asked at bedtime - “Will we go back to Mums once they take the baby out of her belly?”. Turns out her surgery is a termination. Again, fine. I haven’t had one before so not sure on recovery time etc.

Tonight I’ve had a text off of one of the Mums from the school, saying that DSC’s DM is on social media, talking about her night out and the vigorous sex she had, hadn’t I said she was ill?

Don’t get me wrong, what she does in her time is absolutely up to her but I’ve cancelled three shifts this week, picturing her laid up in bed ill when actually she’s in the pub! No text to say “Feeling a bit better now, I’ll have the kids back”. Half a weeks wages down so she can save on babysitter!

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youbrokemytwatometer Sun 14-Oct-18 20:23:53

Wow. No advice, but I fee sorry for her kids. What ages are they that she is discussing that kind of thing with them? And posting about her sex life on social media?

Does she have mental health issues? I can see no reason why anyone would do either of those things otherwise.

Have you pulled her up on it?

ZigZagZebras Sun 14-Oct-18 20:40:14

Why on earth is she telling the children about a termination (unless it was for medical reasons).
Is this a regular occurrence having them last minute? If so maybe applying for more contact and mum having every other weekend and 1 midweek for example would work out better. At least then you could have childcare in place rather than missing work last minute!

StepMug Sun 14-Oct-18 22:17:33

DSD aged 4 told her DF about it. Then DSS11 confirmed it. They’ve known about a couple of terminations in the past so we’re never sure if they’re rehashing the same story. They do know far more than they should about lots of things though.

Haven’t pulled her up on any of it yet as we’re trying not to react in the heat of the moment, and risk saying more than is necessary.

Kids spent 2 months straight here whilst their DM was investigated by Social Services.

Not sure how it would work with court as a lot of it we have no proof of. Also, most of it just makes her an arsehole, like going out this weekend, fucking infuriating, but I can’t see a judge saying that she was wrong to go out. I don’t think she’d agree to us having more time on paper as it will affect the money she gets.

What kind of stuff actually has an affect on who has more contact?

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BrainWormsWontWin Tue 16-Oct-18 12:52:36

I know this isn't the point but I just want to say the kids are lucky to have you. My ex is such a Disney dad it's infuriating. My kids have me and my partner and a load of other people but you guys sound great. Small recompense but it's true. Hold onto that no matter what!

StepMug Tue 16-Oct-18 17:32:43

Oh, thank you! That’s so kind of you.

Blows my mind how little she cares. Her babies absolutely worship her. Such a shame that she has so little interest.

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