DSCs and DDs - relationship after DP moving in

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fourplusfour Mon 04-Jun-18 18:27:24

DP and I are planning to live together. At the moment all DCs get on really well. I am wondering whether there might be resentment that my DCs get to spend every day with their DF. His DCs will be with us every weekend Fri - Sun. My DCs see their DF one evening in the week so will be with us all the time DPs DCs are here.

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lunar1 Mon 04-Jun-18 18:49:12

Will they still get time with their dad to themselves? I think it would be wise to make sure this happens.

Are you staying in an existing house or getting something new for you all?

fourplusfour Mon 04-Jun-18 19:14:47

Making sure they still have individual time is a good idea. We often spend Fri to Sat eve together but Sundays we usually do our own thing.

We will probably all live in DPs house as its bigger. Did look at getting something new but just couldn't afford it.

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