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espoleta Tue 06-Mar-18 10:14:34

I'm looking for some book recommendations.

I have recently had a DD (4 months) and have two step kids aged 9&7. We have them 50% of the time and generally everything ticks along nicely. The boys love their little sister, there is no jealousy (was some anxiousness during pregnancy but talked through and sorted it).

We've always been pretty fluid with schedules with my DP fetching and carrying when it isn't his day ect, but the expectations to help when it isn't his day/weekend has got out of hand and is now causing tension.

Does anyone have any books that they could recommend about a new baby, blended families and boundaries? I took a quick look at google and couldn't find anything that fitted.


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NorthernSpirit Tue 06-Mar-18 10:42:03

No book advice, but it should be about five and take on both sides. Is that the case or do you feel it’s one sided? You need boundaries in place.

espoleta Tue 06-Mar-18 10:58:45

Very few boundaries in place with regards to you expectations on days/weekend that he doesn't have them.

I want to get a book or guideline on how to structure the conversation really

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The1975 Sat 10-Mar-18 17:16:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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