How do you do Santa?

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CurlyRover Tue 26-Dec-17 10:08:23

Previously DSD has been told that Father Christmas comes to whichever house she is staying at on Christmas eve and that both parents also buy her something from them.

DSD was with her Mum on Christmas eve so Santa delivered there. She asked this morning if Santa had been here. DP didn't really answer her question and just avoided it.

How do other people with blended families do the whole Santa thing?

DSD despite only being 6 is pretty switched on and the sorts of questions she's asking suggest she's not going to believe for much longer. But I was interested in how other families handle the situation.

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Chocolate254 Tue 26-Dec-17 10:14:16

Santa only leaves presents at the house where the child is sleeping at on christmas eve, We buy some for dsc to open when they see us if we dont have them at christmas time. Otherwise Santa would be doing two sets of presents.

NewLove Tue 26-Dec-17 15:24:57

Not speaking of my ex SC here (me and partner now separated), but how friends do it. They have one present from santa and the rest are from their parents and family. This seems to stop kids with less relatives feeling left out. It must be hard for kids to perceive 'santa' favouring a step sibling over them - by only having one present for santa (which goes to the house where they sleep over) no child gets less than another from santa so doesn't feel like they have been bad.

It also works for non-blended families. It's easier to explain that a child has less presents because mum and dad don't have as much money as little johnny's parent's than trying to say 'No santa doesn't think you have behaved worse and given you less presents'.

Louw12345 Wed 03-Jan-18 13:09:55

This was something I had to figure out as we was supposed to be having my partners children at Christmas (but it didn't happen). Anyway I do one present of santa the rest off me, then family buy them gifts.
My partner does all presents off santa nothing off him.

I said to my partner that we do christmas so different that I couldn't let my children know santa brings all them presents and only one each for my kids.

Also when my kids go to their dads, he do santa gifts this is because he's only ever had boxing day (long story).

I think it's important that the children know what is what. From any age. Her dad should of said no darling you was at mummys so santa went there. However me and ..... have you these gifts. Over time she will learn that it's different at each house. It doesn't take the magic away aslong as you explain what happens at your house.

I don't question or go against what my ex does its up to him. It's a really new situation that my ex has them past 2 years and my kids have never questioned santa visiting both homes. I however always make it clear that santa will bring them one present when they are at home with me.

In time when they go to him on christmas I won't be getting a santa gift but they will be much older by the time that happens youngest is 6 and very understanding.

I don't think anything like this will be an issue as long as you communicate.

My partners ex let his daughter sleep out at all family members houses when her tooth fell out she ended up with £11. As far as I remember the tooth fairy didn't work like that when I was younger.

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