CAFCASS section 7 reports - any experience?

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Pocketangel Sat 21-Oct-17 09:56:38

I'm looking for some advice or just information on other people's experiences...

Long story short - Stepdaughter lives with us abroad. This was requested by her mum over 2 years ago and we have a residence order in place from a UK judge. In the summer, mum decided she wasn't going to return her into our care and filed an application for a change to the order. The judge ruled that SD would return with us for now pending a hearing in December and ordered a CAFCASS section 7 report.

Now, other than an email from CAFCASS to confirm contact details we've heard nothing from them. From my extensive (!) internet research, a section 7 report takes up to 12 weeks to complete and they need to speak to the child on their own. So far, we've heard nothing about this happening.

Has anyone been part of a situation like this and can shed any light on what actually happens?

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ElChan03 Mon 23-Oct-17 23:35:07

I have some experience with this as dp went to court to get residency of both DC. The section 7 report had a deadline of roughly 2 months and was completed by social worker. Cafcass did a report first and that took a month or so and they spoke to both parents and the social worker for bavkground. DP was really lucky SW was so invested in case because s7 report was brilliant and very detailed. All I can advise for your family is contact them yourselves and gather as much info as possible. Also judges seem to really favour mothers so watch for that especially since Sw, schools etc were all saying DAD must have residency or it will go to child in need. Good luck with everything. If you can afford to invest in a barrister as that really cemented it for DP considering judge bias which took it back yo court 3 times before it was all agreed.

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