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Children's birthday celebrations

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Jenzen80 Wed 18-Oct-17 22:36:17

Hi new to this website. Just wondering what people's arrangements are for their children's birthdays and their own birthday when their children live in two homes.

timelord92 Wed 18-Oct-17 22:51:08

my stepdaughter does something with her mother on her birthday then we do something the next day or week.

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 19-Oct-17 19:32:47

My DSC have separate celebrations with us and their mum. In theory we alternate their actual birthdays but for the last couple of years she hasn't been fussed so they've been with us on the day.

Separate presents, two different parties. I always had one family birthday with my divorced parents and my SM but DH and ex have no relationship to speak of so the DC would find it very odd having them together at anything.

DHs birthday falls in the school holidays so we always have them with us.

What's your set up?

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