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Advice needed

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Louw12345 Sun 23-Apr-17 21:59:09

Ok so how does it work.
I don't want to be stepping on toes but today I found it hard keeping my.mouth shut.
When my partner stays there are 7 kids here. 5 mine 2 his
I am firm with my children always have been ie: if they cry for something they dont get it. They have to stop crying and ask.

My partners son crys for everything and gets it.
Now I know we all partner different ect but I really don't need this behaviour rubbing off on my children. Eventho they know right from wrong they will try to push it when they see others getting away with it.

My children even said they didn't want to play upstairs because it was nice outside, he cried until they changed their minds.

How do I bring this up without telling my partner what to do?

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