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This step parenting lark is hard work

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Racmactac Thu 30-Mar-17 12:37:14

So I have 2 ds that live with me and new dh. (Aged 10 & 11)
I have 1 ds that lives with xdh. (16)

My xdh was/is EA but oldest who is 16 doesn't see it and currently hates me. There is a whole load of history which I'm not going into.

Ds 2 & 3 have just started seeing xdh again after long break.

This blended shit is hard work. I need some practical support and help to get us through the next 5 years when ds 2 & 3 hit teenage years.

Can anyone recommend family counselling ? Is relate any good at this stuff? Any other suggestions please.

newtothisanna Fri 31-Mar-17 12:09:00

It is bloody hard work! not sure about a councellor I'm afraid but look up Wednesday Martin, she has a website and I'm reading her book 'stepmonster'. It's quite enlightening from a step-mothers point of view.

Welshmamma Fri 31-Mar-17 19:58:32

My husband moved in with his kids and I have to say I found it much harder than I thought I would. And for a huge variety of reasons. I feel they are like a constant link to his ex who should never have been allowed to give birth to start with.
They are lovely kids, it's me that finds it all hard it's nothing to do with them personally..... I have three of my own and tbh it's such hard work particularly as his kids aren't used to earning treats by doing chores and the mention of a job to his 18 & 17 year old makes them cry and complain..... long road this is gonna be 🤔

Gohackyourself Sat 08-Apr-17 14:59:37

It is bloody hard work , I met a lovely man who had a lovely son and daughter..... but the junior school dd turned into a self obsessed pain now she's hit high school and I'm not dealing with it very well either. Literally we have just had a week of trying to please my ds and his dd and it's broken us as a couple.
No advice just a hand hold really xx

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