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PollytheDolly Tue 28-Feb-17 01:22:56

I'm remarried. My exH has a GF (a friend of mine)

Her DS is a great mate of my DS from birth. Went to school together. Still are in uni.

My DCs have seen the breakup of marriage. Seen both parents go into both new relationships.

Don't get me wrong, it's tough. But me and my exH strived with our guts to make sure DCs coped as well as could be. DCs were 19 and 18 at the time. (So older so maybe easier?) They've always come first no matter what happened between us.

End of: my DCs love their SD, feel absolutely comfortable talking about their dad (whom is adored) in front of him, other way around too. Talk about their dads gf to me...etc etc

My DD wants a tattoo with me and her dad on but asked if this ok as we'd split up?
"My darling, we are your parents and always will be" ended up with texts full of 😂😂 with nicknames she called us.
She's going to do it and asked me to design it.

I know it can be crap splitting up. Just wanted to share.

PollytheDolly Tue 28-Feb-17 01:26:33

Oh title thread. Question: why make things difficult?

I know I'll get flamed by those with abusive exes. Totally get that and quite right, bastards. I was the second wife to my exH and it was awful with his DCs. But anyone with some good stories?

Unihorn Wed 01-Mar-17 21:47:54

We are the same here smile all 4 of us get on and spend time with each other with DSD, who's in primary school. We attend school events together and have meals together sometimes too.

I would guess the reason it can be difficult is to do with circumstances surrounding the breakup. I have no experience of that as my husband's breakup was amicable but I guess some people have "other woman" issues, or access and maintenance issues, particularly with younger children.

Always happy to hear other positive stories though!

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