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New man.... So I read the previous thread scared

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xSARAHLKx Fri 03-Feb-17 01:34:42

Hi all,
Read a previous post where a lady had met a new guy - she had kids already, but fell in love with new guy and wanted a baby with him, which he initially wanted also ... However the new guy, living with her and her children (reality etc) had put him off having a baby .... (I understand... my own children sometimes put me off being a mother JKS!!... smile ) Am in same predicament at the mo - met an amazing man who is fabulous - how do we find a balance that works? What is it that ruins it? Ideas/thoughts please x

howtodowills Fri 03-Feb-17 04:29:33

What are you going to call the article?

Wdigin2this Fri 03-Feb-17 12:05:41

So, is it you or him that already has kids? Whichever way, (but I think especially if they're his) you need to sit down and discuss, how you both feel they should be parented.
If they're his, you need to know how he normally parents, if you can live with it/alter it. Does he want you to be involved in the parenting, does he not, but still expect you to do the cooking/cleaning/careing for bit?
If they're yours, do you wat him to be involved in disciplining them, do you want him to be a father figure, would you prefer him to stay out of it altogether?
All of these things will come up so, it's best to get it all out up front, so you both know whether or not you can accept each other's views!

Wdigin2this Fri 03-Feb-17 12:06:32

Sorry, just realised , you're the one with children!

swingofthings Fri 03-Feb-17 19:44:44

What balance? You either convince him, or you accept they will no more kids. Can't see how you can balance a child.

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