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A home of our own :-)

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CannotEvenDeal Sun 27-Nov-16 15:52:06

So excited... dh, dss and I are moving into our own flat this week! We've all been staying at my mum's for a while (we were granted residency/pr more quickly than we expected so we needed a bit of time to get ourselves sorted out and my mum was more than happy to have another grandson!)

Dh's and my new job means that we can rent a decent two bedroom flat in a nice area. Dss' bio mum has made no contact for years and I'm so glad that we can provide him with love and stability.

Just that really grin

timelytess Sun 27-Nov-16 15:54:10

Well done! flowers

CannotEvenDeal Sun 27-Nov-16 16:13:27

Thanks, my only regret is signing up for this just before Christmas shock

FestiveNC Sun 27-Nov-16 18:06:11

Congratulations! Forget the unpacking, just buy a tree and put up some decorations, it will feel like home in no time!!

CannotEvenDeal Sun 27-Nov-16 18:42:12

Good plan!! 🌲🌲🌲

Wdigin2this Sun 27-Nov-16 20:44:14

Well done, hope everything continues to go well!

CannotEvenDeal Sun 27-Nov-16 23:43:43

Thank you!! Dss is getting more and more excited... he and my mum will miss each other a lot (so at first he was not thrilled) but of course they'll still see each other smile

bluebell9 Mon 28-Nov-16 09:34:59

Thats lovely.

I hope you have a fabulous first Christmas in your new home.

Bananasinpyjamas1 Mon 28-Nov-16 11:16:01

Congratulations! smile

CannotEvenDeal Sun 18-Dec-16 19:00:09

We're all settled in and loving the new place.

The subject of me adopting dss has come up increasingly often and we've discussed it at length and decided to apply. His bio mum has already given consent in the past and dss is excited at the idea of me finally being his legal mum after so many years as a family.

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