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Could Social services get involved?

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Pandabear123 Thu 17-Nov-16 15:20:54

A bit long winded I am afraid...
My husband had a previous marriage and has 2 children already. The older of the two has always had behavioural problems and been very aggressive. 5 years ago he attacked his younger sister (he was 8, she 5) and my now husband pulled him off and carried him upstairs to his room. The son then told school his father had hurt him when he grabbed him so social services were called and child protection plan was put in place! when the case was reviewed they said they were keeping the younger sibling on review as they were worried about the older sibling's violence. Since then, he and his wife divorced, she moved to another part of the county and social services have been involved off and on about the boy's behaviour. My husband and I married and have a 2 year old girl (he is a fantastic father).
My worry is that I am pregnant again and just had my first midwife visit. She asked about other siblings and I had to give their names. She said they like to create a 'family group' on their systems. Is all of this going to show up? Will social services get involved with us?? Both my husband and I have professional jobs which involve contact with children and have both had full CRB checks done.

crusoe16 Thu 17-Nov-16 15:28:38

I guess that would depend on how much contact your DC have with their half-brother? I shouldn't think SS would become involved with you or your DC. I assume your DH already has some contact with them in relation to his DS. Can he speak to them for you?

SorrelForbes Thu 17-Nov-16 15:34:37

The Midwife probably just means linking the siblings on the hospital Maternity IT system. The HV will do this too (post delivery) on the Child Health IT system. Siblings are usually linked via mum's NHS Number. I would think it unlikely that the system will make an automatic link between you and your DSCs. You may get asked about your DHs children but it would be unlikely that they would be 'live' records on either system as they've moved away from your area so there wouldn't be records to link to IYSWIM?

Pandabear123 Thu 17-Nov-16 15:51:17

Thank you so much for quick responses! So good to hear some advice. They live in Wales now so not sure about their system there. We only get to see them a few times a year during holidays and for birthdays and we don't stay in each others houses when we visit so physical contact is fairly limited.

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