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Opposite sex sleepovers

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mrswoody100 Thu 20-Oct-16 21:16:14

Hi please please tell me I'm not being over the top! My 11 year old step daughter wants to stay over her 11 year old "boy" friends house. She has done this before, her mother, his mother and her father (my husband) don't seem to have a problem with this, but I DO surely this an unplanned pregnancy waiting to happen!! I can't even believe they are contemplating it. I have 3 children 2 boys and 1 daughter and I would not be ok with this at this age, am I nuts???

Rumtopf Thu 20-Oct-16 21:23:31

It depends on their relationship.
My 13yr old dd is best mates with my friend's 13yr old son, they've known each other since they were 4 and have grown up like brother and sister - we holiday, camp and see one another frequently, as well as the kids going to school together. They have sleep overs together, as they are just friends no other dynamic. Wouldn't be happy about any other lad though tbh!
Could it be similar between your sdd and her friend?

mrswoody100 Thu 20-Oct-16 21:27:27

They are supposedly best friends, we don't know him he is a friend on sd mothers side maybe I am just being overprotective confused

Rumtopf Thu 20-Oct-16 21:36:59

Without you seeing how they interact it's difficult to tell. I don't blame you for worrying though. I'd certainly be very cautious if it were any boy other than her best friend!

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