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1ofthosedays Mon 27-Jun-16 04:58:45

How do you 'break up' with your SC?
Me and my now ex have broken up. What do I do about SC? Do I see her and say goodbye? She has been such a big part of my life, refers to me as a parent and includes my family when asked about who's in her family.
She is 4, I have been in her life for over 2 years and have spent almost every other weekend with her for the majority of that time.

chocoraisin Mon 27-Jun-16 21:59:49

I don't know. But I'm dreading my children imminently realising they will not be seeing their SM again. They are around the same age and she's been in their lives for 3+ years. It's a big deal, it will affect their sense of who they can trust and whether they feel safe. I expect to see anxiety, confusion and a lot of upset when they understand she's gone.

If you can, my advice would be to find a way to stay in her life for a while. Pop round for a few months, phase yourself out. Don't just jump ship and never see her again. She will cope better if it's a gradual shift in circumstances, rather than a sudden one.

I realise it's not always possible though, or I'd be encouraging that myself.

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