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drop off/collection harrassment

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user1463419021 Mon 16-May-16 19:02:20

After numerous years of myself and ex sharing drop off/collection of children it came to point where it was not appropriate for me to attend ex house due to conflict with a third party, I therefore refused to drop off stating because invariable conflict in front of children was in best intrests for non-resident parent to pick up/collect children from there home, he chose to refuse that and now drop off collection is via school - however because he now cannot get his own way he is stating I am denying or restricting access - this is not the case he can have the children whenever he likes - but he can come and pick them up, I have rec'd legal letter asking for ' an explanation, which he clearly has not told truth to his legal advisor and therefore I want to know can I be forced to drop off - legally I am making children available and that's all I have to do?

Wdigin2this Mon 16-May-16 21:33:23

Have no experience of this, but it would seem reasonable to me that, as long as you are not preventing your ex from having the DC....who picks up from where, is irrelevant!

HeddaGarbled Mon 16-May-16 23:17:54

You should definitely give your explanation. Don't hold back. Full details of the conflicts, with examples and with exact wording, if you can remember it, emphasising that this was in front of the children, should put him and his solicitor right back in their boxes.

NZmonkey Tue 17-May-16 05:39:23

I have no experience of this either but agree with previous posters. I've also heard of people who do handover at petrol stations as its a nice public place where you can't hang around or make any scenes.

1ofthosedays Wed 18-May-16 16:31:42

In our case there was conflict at pick up/drop off so it was ordered to happen at school instead to limit conflict being played out in front of children.

I think if you explain your reasons, provide evidence and explain that you believe that it is what best for you DCs then there shouldn't be a problem.

If it gets taken to court then it doesn't matter what he has said to his legal adviser as long as you can back up what you are saying. the judge will always rule with what is best for the children.

Fourormore Wed 18-May-16 18:15:45

As you've posted this in step parenting, is the third party that the conflict is with the step parent?

As long as you are making the children available, I don't see the problem. Through school is a good idea. Other public places - supermarket car parks often have CCTV - are also sometimes used.

I can only see you being ordered to do the drop off to your ex's house if there were no other alternatives, which seems unlikely.

navylily Wed 18-May-16 20:19:01

Are the children really tiny? Or would it be feasible to drop off without getting out the car yourself, so you just let them out and then watch them safely til they're in the house?

But I can't see why dropping off and picking up via school shouldn't work as the best option.

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