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Would dsd enjoy it?

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CantWaitForWarmWeather Sat 06-Feb-16 11:45:54

I've booked a family ticket for that "Day out with Thomas" in May. We will be taking the older 2 boys who will be 3 and 5 by then and I think they will have a really good day. My dad is looking after my youngest who is 1 so it saves us the hassle with the pram.

The family ticket is for 2 adults and 3 children. If dsd is with us that weekend, do you think she will enjoy it? She's 10. I'm more than happy for her to come so please don't assume I am thinking of reasons for her not to come. But for people who have a girl around the same age- would she enjoy it or would she complain of being bored all day?
If she isn't with us that weekend then it obviously doesn't matter, but if she is, should we make other arrangements for her that day or would you think she would be happy to go and enjoy it?

I just want us all have a good day that's all. I don't want to get there and about an hour in to it dsd wants to go home.

cuntinghomicidalcardigan Sat 06-Feb-16 11:50:38

Surely she's old enough for you to ask her? I know 10 yo's who would enjoy it, and some who wouldn't. Why not ask her in a 'we'd really like it if you would come with us and help the boys enjoy it, you would be our big helper with lots of responsibilities' then it wont seem too babyish. Responsilities to include holding little ones' hands, helping choose and prepare picnic bits, maybe give her a camera and get her to take pics?

CantWaitForWarmWeather Sat 06-Feb-16 11:55:39

Yeah good idea. I actually think she'll want to come if we ask her, but was worried she will get bored easily. But adding those little helping responsibilities will make it a bit more interesting fun for her and will her feel more grown up smile

CantWaitForWarmWeather Sat 06-Feb-16 11:56:09

will make*

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Sat 06-Feb-16 12:06:03

There's things to enjoy on a different level she might no be all that in Thomas but I presume it's a steam train that she may never have been on, you could talk about the olden days ev n the fact it's a train at all and doesn't go on the road if she's never been on a train before. Are there bit of the countryside that she wouldn't see from the road etc.

At 10 she maybe looking at Victorians in history she might even be able to tell you stuff about it.

I know it's not an edicational trip but it's away of getting her interested in the day.
A long with being the big helper and seeing her siblings enjoying doing something special.

CantWaitForWarmWeather Sat 06-Feb-16 12:18:03

Gee I never thought of it that way Naught- Making a trip that is aimed at younger children interesting for an older child. I don't think she's ever been on a steam train so it will be a first for her as well. I think she has been learning about the Victorians so it could be interesting for her seeing and going on a steam train, even if it does look like Thomas!
I did notice that there is a pottery painting thing there and she will enjoy that because she enjoyed doing the same sort of thing on our Haven holiday.
And yes there is the bit where she will enjoy seeing her siblings do something special too.

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