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WhoGivesAFlying Fri 22-Jan-16 17:49:35

DH is away tonight, SC are at thier mums, ds will be in bed by 7.....I may just sit with a cuppa (or wine) and have no noise making appliances on at all! All about me tonight, ahhhhhhhhhhh smile

WhoGivesAFlying Fri 22-Jan-16 17:54:16

Didn't meant to call it Bloss, and now can't remember what I was going to call it so I'll go with Bloss grin

EmpressOfTheVulvaCupcakes Fri 22-Jan-16 17:55:42

My guess would be Bliss grin

WhoGivesAFlying Fri 22-Jan-16 18:06:28

I think you are right! grin

HairySubject Fri 22-Jan-16 18:08:26

Haha Bliss.

I wouldn't mind some bloss tonight.

TheEmmaDilemma Fri 22-Jan-16 18:13:39

Even Urban Dictionary doesn't have an entry for bloss. You should add one. grin

CantWaitForWarmWeather Fri 22-Jan-16 18:29:07

grin Love it!

Enjoy your blossful evening. winewink

Gildo Fri 22-Jan-16 18:46:50


WhoGivesAFlying Fri 22-Jan-16 19:15:38

I'm gonna get blossed grinwine

EmpressOfTheVulvaCupcakes Fri 22-Jan-16 22:45:52

Are you blossed yet? grin

WhoGivesAFlying Fri 22-Jan-16 23:11:05

Hic! NrsLy

WhoGivesAFlying Fri 22-Jan-16 23:11:23

Nearly even

LieselMeminger Fri 22-Jan-16 23:12:51

You've created a new word. A mixture of bloshed (it's slang round here for pissed) and bliss.

I like it.

EmpressOfTheVulvaCupcakes Fri 22-Jan-16 23:18:00

Happy blossing!

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