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DSS Mum dropped out of college

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flickyhair21 Thu 14-Jan-16 12:15:05


DSS mum has just dropped out of college. DP is currently also a student, he is in 4th year so will be finished by the end of May and has employment lined up after the summer so it is really just in the interim that we are trying to work out what the next step is.

Since her student loan/ grants will stop will she be able to get help via JSA/ income support? I know if you leave a job willingly you can be penalised and not able to claim benefits for a while and wondered if anyone knew if the same happened when leaving education?

As I said DP will be in employment come the autumn and we will be able to help more financially then. Currently he pays £175 of his student loan (£300 a month) as maintainance every month - I know that maintainance can be a touchy subject on here - and come autumn when he is earning we can contribute significantly more.

DSS Mum is still receiving Housing Benefit, Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit as far as I know so I don't think that will be affected?

Just wanted to know if anyone knew what the situation might be like for the next couple of months.

Bluelilies Thu 14-Jan-16 12:55:21

As far as I'm aware you won't get penalised for leaving a course - as it's not the same as leaving a job. She should probably contact the jobcentre asap to ask though - I'd suggest she tells them she's considering dropping out, and sees what they say in case she needs some sort of proof that she left for good reasons. Leaving in order to start job hunting ought to be a good enough reason though I would have thought.

Personally I think your DP is being very good in paying so much of his student loan for just one child. I get less than that for two kids, and that's at the correct CSA rates for my ex who earns around £15k, so I don't think he need feel guilty. Benefits will probably leave his ex simmiarly well off to the student grant/loan anyway.

flickyhair21 Thu 14-Jan-16 15:09:55


She mentioned last week that she was thinking of dropping out and then on Tuesday she did officially and had a meeting with her tutor/advisor so think that will mean she has proof of leaving her course. She hasn't left because she wants to work instead - she left because she was struggling with the workload. No mention of looking for work yet, previously before enrolling at college last year she was a SAHM. DSS is now 4 and at nursery which made it easier for her to start her course and we just had to organise childcare for a couple of afternoons when she had classes outwith his nursery times.

So I guess now it's just a case of her applying for support and seeing what we can do for the next month or however long until that comes through?

Bluelilies Thu 14-Jan-16 15:30:57

If DSS is still 4 I think she can apply for income support, which doesn't have the same rules about looking for work. She'll be supposed to be getting work-ready or something. Then she'll have to go onto JSA from when he's 5 I think.

She should sign on ASAP, and then should start getting the money through within a few weeks. She'll need to reapply for housing benefit as soon as she's signed onto income support, otherwise it will stop and all be claimed back causing big rent arrears.

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