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never thot id be ranting today of all days!!

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Neverenuff Fri 25-Dec-15 23:58:19

But I'm annoyed at so many things.

First off dps mum being best of friends with his ex (the woman who assaulted me) it just wound me up.

Then dss at dinner was swinging on his chair at dinner and fell. He went in a right huff and when anyone tried talking to him he was just rude. I was constantly referred to as her or she. Then when we got home we were playing with their new game and because dss couldnt play he went in a huff. He wasn't even trying so started crying then we all had to stop playing. He really sucked the fun out of the game.

To make it worse dp then offered to take him to a football game ( I'm sorrythats not how you deal with a huffy child in my opinion) im really annoyed. Its not even a big deal it just put me in a mood.

Too make it worse I'm seeing my own family having a bloody cracking day so I'm feeling homesick to top it off.

Wibhay Sat 26-Dec-15 13:49:27

Aww neverenuff I'm sorry your not having a great time at the moment. I don't agree with pandering to bad behaviour being rewarded with treats either.
what are you upto today

Neverenuff Sat 26-Dec-15 16:06:48

Kids are away. I'm relaxing playing their new pS4 haha. xx

Wdigin2this Sun 03-Jan-16 14:39:15

Good on you!

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