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Dsd being bullied

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guajiraguantanamera Wed 25-Nov-15 21:44:11

Found out a few months ago that my 12yo dsd is being picked on at school. It is mainly one girl doing the bullying but I think others have started joining in. Her mum has been to the school and my dsd has spoken to her head of year, head teacher etc, but it seems to be continuing. It breaks my heart to know that my funny, lovely dsd is being made to feel like crap by some idiot. I don't know what to do though. I want to get the police involved if it doesn't stop, I have suggested this to my dp but he doesn't think they will do much about it. I think the police take bullying a lot more seriously now than they used to.
I just feel scared, you read about these poor kids who couldn't take it any more..
My dsd is lovely, bubbly (bit too noisy sometimes in fact haha) and my wee pal, and I don't want her to become quiet and withdrawn because of this. Any advice from anybody who has dealt with school bullies??

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