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His kid & my kids

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Aza09 Fri 07-Aug-15 12:29:26

Hi. I have not done this before. Where to start. Ok, I have 3 children eldest lives with his dad. my husband has one daughter who comes to us every week. and he sees another time. My kids have not had a holiday/break for 2 years, not with me because i can't afford not with their dad because despite him having them regular he doesn't do much with them. I have always stressed the importance which i feel about us being a family, (Me, husband & our kids) i think doing things together is important.
My husband not often but occasionally goes out just him and D. That is lovely, important & fully supported by me. Although i have moaned a couple of times purley because my kids again get to do nothing.. His D goes on regular holidays with her family (mum, step dad and half brother) as well as enjoying other lovely days out etc. She obviously has her own bedroom at her house etc. While my D has to share her bedroom, it can never be hers only because we have to accomodate. It is not a problem for me or my kids. What I am finding difficult is the fact my Husband wants to take D away for the weekend. not an expensive trip. and the weekend trip is fine but again, my kids get nothing, have had no holiday and it doesn't look likely they will. His D comes back form one holiday to go away again. I feel for my kids.. It has nothing to do with wanting to stop dad & D spending time together its about me and my kids being a part of things especially when we don't get a trip away. I will look look into taking my kids away but I feel holidays are meant for familys.. I am looking to book holiday next year, my kids have never been abroad, I am starting to feel resentful, why should my kids share their holiday (A first with me) with His D when they are not included in his their plans. My H has accused me of being selfish and jealous. said my kids want want all the time where as his doesn't, i feel maybe its because she just gets gets anyway & my kids never do. she is a good girl and we get on great, however she is also very spoilt by all around her.. I just need to let of some steem as my husband will not see from my point of view, can anyone else??

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