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How do I make dp snap out of it?!

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Letitgoletitgo Mon 03-Aug-15 22:08:48

Seriously. Dp is a complete Disney dad. He has got better at dealing with dss after 3 yrs with me (even my inlaws tell me this) as he is finally starting to set boundaries etc. But we are on night 1 of our UK hol with his ds and my dcs and I've had enough!
All the dcs spent last week away on lovely expensive abroad hols with their other parents. We have brought all on a UK hol this week. I really want it to be good (is all we can afford) and not for them to think it is rubbish in comparison to other hol.
But I feel like all dp has done, especially to my dcs, since they have been back, is complain and tell them off. About stupid little things too - we are on hol ffs! They will wish they hadn't come home!!
We were in silly caravan park style kids entertainment earlier, but for dss it was "too loud " (not as loud as he spends all day shouting though!) so dp and dss left. I stayed with my dcs till end of kids stuff, then brought them back to bed. Obviously had to sneak in like mice in case we wake sleeping dss....
Then dp moans about lack of night lights - I said the dcs will just have to manage and get on with it... So dp has gone to bed in a huff.
So how do I make him stop being so bloody Disney and pandering to everything, showing ridiculous double standards to my dcs V his ds, and actually growing a pair?! This is not our first hol all together and he was not as bad before, I don't understand why he is being so miserable and fussy this year, when I just want all the dcs to have a good time :0(

Wdigin2this Tue 04-Aug-15 00:01:39

Well, tbh I don't think you ever will get him to stop the Disney Dad just becomes the norm! But if he is less patient with your DC than he used to be, maybe he is stressed out over something, work, your relationship...whatever, or he is becoming disenchanted with having DSC in his life! If it's the first, you just have to get him to talk about in order to see if the problem is solvable! If it's the second....well, is the relationship worth risking your DC's future happiness and quality of life for? You probably already know the answer to that!!

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