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Sanityseeker75 Fri 24-Jul-15 11:02:18

Not really a a SP, LP or Teen problem but just had to get this down somewhere.

My DS came home from his Dads last night. I knew something was wrong as he seemed a bit off (is 16 in 2 weeks but more than the teen offish). Went to talk to him and he broke down, uncontrollable sobs that I haven't seen from him in years.

Apparently his completely selfish T**T of a dad had a go at him telling him that he had been telling me that him and his dad had been doing more stuff together lately so he must have money and does DS not get that he doesn't have money, he can only afford to do stuff because he cuts back on meals and things in the week.

DS is heartbroken that because of him his dad goes without meals - WTF! I mean the bloke seriously looks like he has never sipped a meal in his life. He has sky, iphone, convertible car (not particularly expensive couple of grand but more than my £800 rust bucket).

I did tell DS that his dad has just told him that so I don't go after him for any more money. He left his job a few years ago literally because he didn't want CSA to collect attachment of earnings anymore. When DS was little if he saw me in town when he was with his dad he wouldn't let him come and say hello to me. DS is not allowed to talk about me or anything that goes on in our house. I know he is a lying scummy piece of shit that would lie to his son to avoid paying out anymore than absolutely necessary and I wouldn't mind but I gave up on getting the bare minimum out of him years ago.

At what point, if any, do they stop the mind games and using their kids to protect their own arse.

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