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HoneyLemon Thu 09-Jul-15 10:44:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yellowdaisies Thu 09-Jul-15 10:51:26

Depends on what the contact pattern is with your DP having DSD I think. It would be bloody cheeky to ask you to have DSD on the days when she's staying at her DM's, but you might want to give some thought to how you'd deal with a request to pick her up on days when she'll be at yours overnight.

Probably not over thinking. Better to think clearly through what your boundaries are before she puts you on the spot with a request you're not sure how to handle.

HoneyLemon Thu 09-Jul-15 11:00:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bellebella Thu 09-Jul-15 11:03:21

I really would take it as the joke it was probably intended at the moment. The new term is not here yet and she has not actually asked you anything so as far as you know she was joking

yellowdaisies Thu 09-Jul-15 15:27:05

I think it's probably meant as a light hearted way to test the waters a bit. Presumably you didn't say how much you'd be happy to help, so she's probably got the message already. If not, you've got time now to come up with some reasons not take DSD if you don't want to, unless it's some sort of emergency I guess.

If you know any other parents with DC in DSD's year, you might want to try to introduced them to DSD's mum so she has other people she could call on too

Petal02 Thu 09-Jul-15 16:01:09

I agree with the poster who suggested that on the days when DSD is with her Mum, then it's her Mum's responsibilty to do school runs. God knows why anyone would think it's down you!

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