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DH went clubbing last night!

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FluffyBumOnTheRun Sun 05-Jul-15 12:47:16

He's nearly 40 fgs, he told me he was popping to the pub and would be back soon. What's worse is he had no intention of going to the pub and went to the mystery of sound! Any other weekend he could have gone but it's his weekend with the dsc and he's hung over to fuck so that's the day written off!

To make it worse, he doesn't see why I'm pissed off at him. He said he's too hung over to take the kids home (they live over an hour away) and is saying he'll drop them in the morning. That's not fair on them, they probably have homework and in sure mum won't be too happy

Maybe I shouldn't be too hard on him, he's never done this before hmm

lunar1 Sun 05-Jul-15 12:59:39

You are not being hard enough on him, he's let you his children and their mum down.

Unless he is kept under lock and key 24/7 ( and I'm guessing he's not) then there is no excuse for his shitty behaviour. I would phone their school tomorrow to make sure they know that the children are in no way to blame for any missed work.

FluffyBumOnTheRun Sun 05-Jul-15 13:03:34

He's asked his sister to come and get them (don't know if she will) I can't look at him. He's in last nights clothes, complaining that's he's tired. Our own Ds is missing out too. We were all meant to go out today clothes shopping for the dsc. Think I may go out myself. The dsc are self sufficient and Ds loves being with them. "D"h will just have to pull his finger out! He only has them EOW fgs!

shitebag Sun 05-Jul-15 13:05:13

Unless it was something he had planned beforehand and couldn't get out of he was out of order.

When his children come to visit he should be spending time with them not clubbing or going to the pub and spending the next day knackered and ill. Tell him to get his priorities straight!

FluffyBumOnTheRun Sun 05-Jul-15 13:08:27

Believe me I have! It wasn't planned, I could have sorted it if he had planned it, maybe swap weekends (it's all very flexible) but it was off the cuff.

His saving grace is that it's a total one off and hasn't done it before. I think the lying to me about just popping to the pub has upset me more. I won't believe him in the future

Wdigin2this Tue 07-Jul-15 00:39:39

Fluffy....get used to it, men lie all the time! And before I'm shot down in flames for saying that, think about it! They don't tell you something you probably won't be happy about, until the last minute and nothing can be done, lieing by omission! They tell you, they're popping to the pub/mates/garage early in the day and won't be long, then don't come back until evening, massaging the facts! They DC are coming at unscheduled time, but only for a day, two at the most, they stay for a week, blatent untruths....and it's all because they just cannot deal with confrontation, so live with their heads in the sand! These days, if I don't want to be, I'm just not there for unscheduled/unexplained stuff!

K888 Tue 07-Jul-15 01:12:51

If it's a one off - I'd be cross but let it go. Then next time his kids are there go out 'to the shops' and come back at 2am after dancing to 'some fantastic little club with the friendliest crowd...' rub it in!!

Savethesm Sat 11-Jul-15 09:56:15

"Mystery" of sound grin

It's a one off, we all make mistakes. Take the kids shopping, let him sleep it off and tell him he owes you.

Also, is "nearly 40" when we should stop clubbing? Oops!

dani002 Sat 11-Jul-15 09:58:17

Give him some paroccetemols, lots of water and LOTS of nagging lol

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