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21 year old DSS's behaviour

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springtime1974 Wed 10-Jun-15 12:32:42

Hi everyone. Can I have some straight forward advice please ? Situation is this . DSS has been left school for 3 years and has not had a job since - does not contribute financially to anything in the house. I pay the mortgage, all the bills including his internet . He takes my daughter(hisSS) to school 4 days a week and sometimes cooks evening meal . He has no other responsibilties in the house. Last night he had his mate round in his room until 11pm, my husband was away working until 1a.m and unknown to me DSS had his mate sleeping over . The mate has just left ... I was angry and asked DSS did his mate sleep over last night ? He said yes, and when I asked him why he did not ask my permission, or even tell me , his reply was " what about your friends, when they come over"? My friends rarely visit - maybe once a month during the day .. I am actually at home recovering from major abdominal surgery at the moment so normally working fulltime all week. He wouldnt even look at me when I was talking to him .. I was so angry . What I would like to know is what do other parents expect from their children/grown up children /step kids and anything to do with other kids/adults sleeping over ? Am I over reacting , or what ?

MrsBennetsEldest Wed 10-Jun-15 12:51:30

Just to clarify, Is your husband his Father?
You say you pay for his internet. Does that mean you have your own seperate internet ?��
I don't have a problem with overnight guests as long as a) they don't sleep in my bed, b) they plan on going home at some point.

I agree he needs to get a job and contribute financially but it reads like you don't really like him very muchsad.

With 3 DS ( 16, 18 and 21)I regularly have extra friends/ girlfriends stopping over, sometimes my house is overflowing but I like it and appreciate it's not for everyone.

How does your husband feel about it?

springtime1974 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:12:51

Thanks MrsBennetsEldest and yes,my husband is the father. I am just uncomfortable with having male guests sleeping over, especially without my knowledge. My 6 year old DD is in the room next door .My husband is not happy either. I am struggling with him not doing anything all day , and the mate staying over just tipped me over . I take on board your point that it reads like I dont like him, but most of the time we are fine ..He is very kind to his little sister, and we have our ups and downs like any family. Perhaps I need to chill out ?

19lottie82 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:51:18

Is he in education? Why does he not have a job? What does you DH say about it?

However, I don't think the friend staying over is a bi deal tbh, if I was all the time, yes, but if not......

springtime1974 Wed 10-Jun-15 14:05:09

Thanks 19lottie82 . He is not in education .. Has been " looking" for work evey since he left school - 3 years ago . His Dad has sat him down several times to encourage him to get part time or full time work , but all to no avail . I think it's more this issue that's grating with me and that things escalated with his mate sleeping over without telling me . I know I have over reacted big time sad

19lottie82 Wed 10-Jun-15 14:16:14

ST74, that's understandable.

I think your DH needs to be a bit firmer with him. Tell him he needs to start doing SOMETHING or he's out. Should that be work, volunteering, or education.

He's not going to do anything unless he gets a kick up the arse and I'm sure you both know this.

In your DSS's defence, I know it can become easy to fall into a lifestyle like this, especially when you have no motivation to change. This is another reason why your DH needs to get him moving in life.

Who is funding him in terms of spends, clothes etc. just now?

19lottie82 Wed 10-Jun-15 14:19:01

TBH I find it highly unlikely that an employer will take him on just now, given the fact he has no experience and there are loads of people competing for jobs.

He needs to look into volunteering to get some experience / skills. This can often lead to paid work. It's pretty easy to get placements too, so he won't have any excuses there.

springtime1974 Wed 10-Jun-15 15:05:13

Thank you 19lottie82 smile we both know he needs to get his act together and his Dad is going to start taking him to his workplace in the next few weeks to give him a reality check .. Your advice has helped me because the shouting was wrong on my part .. On a happier note , I have just put a card saying sorry to him under his door and hopefully we can move on ��

stepmothersknockers Wed 10-Jun-15 16:57:31

He sounds like an entitled arse. It's YOUR house. He sounds like a total slacker.

I would NOT want to live with someone like this. I would give a deadline to your husband/his son to sort this out within a month or he is moving out. Your husband can go too if he likes.

THREE YEARS with no work or employment, and with you funding his lifestyle? No thanks. He needs a kick up the arse.

catsmother Wed 10-Jun-15 17:17:24

I think you were very noble to put a sorry card under his door albeit in the interests of smoothing things over seeing as you live in the same house and I just hope he has the good grace to apologise to you in return now ..... after all, he actually has something to apologise for and under the circumstances I think you getting angry with him was understandable.

FWIW if my own son wanted people to stay over that was usually fine if he asked, and if I was at least introduced to them and had found out a bit about them first. No way would I want a casual 'mate' he'd just met in the pub staying for example. I would have been just as angry as you if he'd brought back some strange bloke - or woman for that matter, but I guess if I ran into a strange man en route to the bathroom, or if my young daughter had, it would feel more of a shock and more intimidating. I wouldn't be happy wandering out half dressed if I knew someone else was in the house .... there are all sorts of considerations.

As for the rest of it, agree with previous posters. He desperately needs some useful structure to his life - preferably with an eye to getting something responsible and useful on his CV which probably would be voluntary work .... but if that's 'impossible' then at the very least he should be doing much more round the house and garden as his contribution towards running the household. If someone's not pulling their weight and doing their fair share then it's obviously very easy to feel resentful towards them if all they seem to do is take advantage.

alreadytaken Wed 10-Jun-15 17:31:57

I wouldnt be happy if a son or stepson did this. This is not a house share it's your house and he needs to show some consideration.

Is he claiming jobseekers allowance and if not why not? He would then be receiving assistance in finding work and he could also make a financial contribution to the household.

If he's 19 get him back into education, if 21 then it's time for tough love. He needs to be volunteering if he isn't working but he should be able to find at least something.

Tryharder Wed 10-Jun-15 18:16:03

Stepmothersknockers: you would really consider breaking up your marriage because your DSS had a friend to sleepover without your express permission??? Good God...

I feel sorry for your DSS. He is clearly struggling with life and I hope that you, OP and your DH can support him to find his way again.

You overreacted about the friend IMO - it wouldn't bother me at all - but your card was a lovely gesture.

springtime1974 Wed 10-Jun-15 18:28:57

Thanks everyone ..up-date .. Came back from food shopping with my 6 year old after school , he came downstairs walked out the front door without acknowledging my card and apology sad I feel upset and I don't know what to do next .

springtime1974 Wed 10-Jun-15 18:33:39

Also just to reiterate I am recovering from major surgery - have had an emergency appendicectomy and half my colon removed 2 less than 2 weeks ago .. So I'm feeling rather fragile sad

MeridianB Wed 10-Jun-15 19:49:21

It sounds like you have been very patient and offering the olive branch was a very magnanimous thing to do.

I totally understand why you want to know if someone was staying. It's basic courtesy and you're not being unreasonable.

Is there anything he could start on a self-employed basis?

springtime1974 Wed 10-Jun-15 21:12:38

MeridianB thank you . He has come back now and asked me if his friend can stay again tonight ; apparently his friends parents have split up and he has no where to go sad I have said yes , it's ok .. Really don't want to cause any more problems so will keep quiet this time ! To answer your question about him starting to do work in his own , he has been trying to break into producing music for many years .. I don't really understand it all I'm afraid , but I do know that it has never resulted in him earning a living from it !

Wdigin2this Thu 11-Jun-15 00:24:22

Oh for goodness sake, you had every right to be annoyed at his mate staying over without even the courtesy of telling you, let alone asking you! I don't think you needed to make any were entitled to feel upset, and your card very obviously made no impression! If the mate is still staying at your house, your DH should step up to the plate and tell him he is moving out tomorrow...end of!! As for your SS, it's about time he faced reality, go back to education or get a wage paying job, you and your DH are doing him no favours in enabling his current freeloading lifestyle!

alreadytaken Thu 11-Jun-15 08:56:29

when parents split up one of the parents takes the children so if someone has no place to go it would normally because because they have been horrible to their family. I would like them stay a few days if asked but not if I was ill.

You have been very generous in writing a card and its now time to think of your own needs. Your husband should be looking after you and telling the visitor to leave and his son that he needs to be a lot more considerate.

alreadytaken Thu 11-Jun-15 08:57:01

let them stay not like

Melonfool Thu 11-Jun-15 09:45:13

This presumably won't be a 'child' who is staying, will it? But I expect you're right that he's been 'chucked out'.

I'd be really wary of ending up a doss house for the NEETS.

If he wants to get into music production fine, go to London and be an unpaid intern, work in a bar at night to pay for your food.

Wdigin2this Thu 11-Jun-15 11:22:12

Well said Melon!! I expect I'll get shot down for this but....It's all very well having dreams and aspirations of getting into the music/arts/modelling/film and TV world, but for every one who makes it big, tens of thousands don't! So, if his heart is in music, he should get out there, earn his keep with part time work, put himself right where the action is (which is not in the bedroom of your house) and try his damnedest to make it happen! People who really want something badly will do everything it's not going to coming knocking at the door!

alreadytaken Thu 11-Jun-15 14:47:19

however old someone gets they are still your child when their home is being split up.

Op I'd say the same thing if this was your son, not your stepson - you are doing him no favours by allowing him to behave in this way. Show his Dad this thread and tell him it's time for him to man up.

springtime1974 Thu 11-Jun-15 17:39:47

Thank you everybody . His Dad has spoken to him this morning about his friend and DSS has said he won't be staying anymore .. But there is no sense of urgency in the way he speaks to him about his lifestyle . He has spent all day in the bedroom , not coming down apart from eating . I am at the end of my tether with it all . I work my ass off all week and he appears to be happy to allow his adult son to sit in his ass for as long as he likes . It is making me so angry and resentful and that's not the woman I want to be .

MeridianB Thu 11-Jun-15 18:28:17

What does he live on, Spring?

springtime1974 Thu 11-Jun-15 18:47:10

He had some savings but it's all gone now .. In fairness he rarely asks me for money , the odd 5 pounds , but it's rare . .. He is VERY quiet and hardly socialises at all , has 2-3 friends and that's it . Never had a girlfriend . I feel sorry for him because it's just a waste of a young life . Him and his brother have lived with me and DH full time for the past 7 years . .. He is a great big brother to our DD and she loves him.

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