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positive thread!!

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wheresthelight Wed 04-Feb-15 21:54:47

so I fell over on ice yesterday and suspect I have fractured my coccyx. as a result I am struggling and with having started a new job at very shirt notice we haven't quite ironed out the kinks in childcare for the dsc's and as mum refuses to collect them they have had to have tonight cancelled as I simply can't do the school run as I have to be at work for 8 and dp works nights and doesn't get in til 8. bow he could still do the school run but it means leaving dss 11 and dsd 9 on their own from 645-8 which we are jti comfortable with as they are not independent enough to get themselves sorted reliably.

anyhow dss and dp have been playing sims and texting each other endlessly with requests for whatever and hints etc which has cheered dp up loads as his ex refuses to allow calls etc when the kids are with her. so he must have told dss that I have fallen and badly hurt myself because he has sent me a text this evening asking if I am ok cos he was worries about me!! I could have cried!!

We get on great and he will occasionally text if he has had a shitty day at school and wants to vent as I will happily allow him to call the kids who pick on him names (within reason so think moron and the like) so he can't rant without getting into trouble but this is the first time he has text cos he was worried about me! Although when I had a sickness bug when they were last here he came and stroked my hair and asked if he could do anything to help out, did I want a drink etc.

finally I am feeling like things are getting easier!!!

daisychain01 Wed 04-Feb-15 22:10:21

Apart from the word "moron" which I would never encourage anyone to call someone, least of all at school confused (but maybe I have misunderstood what you typed....), it sounds like you and your DSS have a caring relationship. Very sweet of him to be concerned about you!

Hope your back gets better soon, take care

wheresthelight Wed 04-Feb-15 22:20:00

Never encouraged to call them names at school but he gets horribly picked on and he struggles to cope with the emotions and tends to have violent outburts so we are trying to encourage him to vent it verbally in a safe environment (like my car when he gets in after school) as without it he either has massive meltdowns in school that result in him hitting out or crying which obviously either get him into trouble or give the little bastards who pick on him more ammo.

frankly I think him referring to them as morons in the safety of my car is a trade off I am willing to allow!

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