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A positive tale of two mums..

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EMS23 Sun 14-Dec-14 23:04:56

My DSS's mum just sent me this :

In our case the child is a boy but her point was that this is what we have. It wasn't always so rosy and it's taken 10 years but we've all persevered and this perfectly describes where we are now and have been for a good while.
Not being smug, believe me, I've had some hard times being a step parent - just think it's nice to hear that it can all turn out well, with a lot of luck and a good dose of common sense all round.

daisychainmail Mon 15-Dec-14 07:56:19

Well done! A very positive story.

Ledkr Mon 15-Dec-14 08:00:54

It's taken me a while to forget the hurt they caused but I do really respect her now, she's a great mum to her own and lovely to my dd always asks before she does anything with her.
(And she's stuck with a knobhead)

MuttonCadet Mon 15-Dec-14 08:01:10

That's lovely, I wish I could have a positive relationship with DSC mum, but that ship has sailed.

alwaystryingtobeafriend Mon 15-Dec-14 08:36:49

I wish me and the kids mum had a respectful/ amicable relationship but it's been 3 years I've never met her and I don't think much of her from what I have learned the past 3 yrs. It's sad though because it's the kids that ultimately are affected by their mums immaturity at the situation. I've always tried to be the better person. She just digs me out at every opportunity without knowing me. It's sad.

daisychainmail Mon 15-Dec-14 09:26:58

I've never met my DSC's mum either always

It must be so weird growing up knowing these two people have never met. Just so weird. And their mum has never met their half-sibling. I'm sure when my DD is 18 she'll meet the DSC's mum at a wedding/party/birthday meal. But it is weird.

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