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Teenage issues

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wheresthecat Tue 28-Oct-14 16:11:50

Hello all
My SD is now 12 and is turning into a teenager, although lovely most of the time she's also sulky and stroppy. She will go through periods where she refuses to speak to any of us, and if prompted will just 'bark' answers at us.
DH refuses to speak to her when she's like this, and gets snappy with DD and I as well.
Any family time at the moment seems to be DD and I chatting, and DH and SD with faces like thunder, which is particularly miserable as it's half term!
I think DH should just call her up on her behaviour when she's rude/stroppy, but he hates scenes, and when he's done this before she will start screaming/shouting/crying and then refuse to talk again!
Any suggestions? I dithered about where to post this (Teenagers or here) but of course because she's not actually my daughter I feel limited as to what I can do.

WakeyCakey45 Tue 28-Oct-14 18:11:55

Your DP has probably got the right idea. Teenagers are temperamental creatures, and are best left to their own devices when they are moody and unpredictable.

He needs to get over his own sulkiness, though - ignore her and carry on with family life around her. Often, this will help teens "snap out of it", but just as often, it will infuriate them further!

Look at it as a compliment - teens who don't feel "at home" are usually on their best behaviour, even if it's fake - if she's moody, stroppy and sullen, it is a good sign that she feels fully part of your family!

wheresthecat Wed 29-Oct-14 20:21:21

Thank you Wakey you are absolutely right - when DD and I ignore her and carry on she does snap out of it. So actually it's DH who needs to do the same!

SeaSaltMill Thu 06-Nov-14 16:14:43

We have this with both DSC! DSD is 11 (started her periods last year - sob) and DSS is 14 and both of them will happily sit with a face like thunder and when asked what's wrong say 'nothing'. I then leave them to it but DH pushes sometimes 'oh come on whats wrong?' I just tell him to leave them to it. They will snap out of it eventually. Most of the time there really isn't anything wrong, but pushing them with just cause them to be irritable.

Your DH needs to know its nothing personal - he is clearly taking it that his DD doesn't want to talk to him. but its not him, she doesn't want to talk to anyone! haha!

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