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I have left DH. I miss my step daughter so much.

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Fairy1303 Sat 11-Jan-14 21:28:38

I was full time primary carer for DSD for nearly 4 year. Did all school runs, doctors, everything.

I have left DH. It has been in the offing for a while but came to a head over xmas and I have moved out. DSD staying with GPs for a bit.

I am still trying to see her as much as possible, but it isn't enough. She is my little girl and I miss her so much.
I miss that my role has suddenly disappeared - I've had mums from the school texting to ask where I am.
DSD said to me 'will you still be friends with x's mum? Because you're not really being my mum anymore are you?'
I don't know what to say to her. It is all such a big horrible mess.

How will I cope? I feel like someone has removed a limb.
I miss her more than I think I will ever miss DH and she was an enormous factor in me staying so long.

CountryGal13 Sat 11-Jan-14 23:04:18

How awful. This must be heart breaking for you. I hope that things work out well. It sound like this little girl needs you as the only stable person in her life xx

RenterNomad Sat 11-Jan-14 23:32:10

Thought this might be you. It's actually rather lovely to hear your DSD misses you - you really did right by her, and she knows it.

As for MIL's spoiling, surely that can't do too much harm in the current circumstances, when the poor girl is not exactly living normal life and needs kindness (even if it's over-indulgence disguised! confused)

Fairy1303 Sun 12-Jan-14 08:02:38

I have no issues at all with MILs spoiling at the moment.

I have issues that whenever she tries to talk about emotional things MIL interrupts to ask where her socks are/if she wants dessert, but that's a whole other thread.

RenterNomad Sun 12-Jan-14 10:22:13

Oh, dear, I hadn't realised the indulgence wasn't matched by emotional softness. How sad.

MincedMuff Sun 12-Jan-14 10:27:31

I would sort out a regular contact day/times/overnight. Not just for you but because of your ds and it's horrible for her to of lost you without any contact.

I really can't see why you wouldn't get contact and if you arrange it now when he is being agreeable it will be harder to stop it.

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