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Dss just said I love you

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stella69x Sat 16-Nov-13 22:16:19

I have been with dp for a year. He has weekends with dss and for past 6 months + overnights at my home. Dp sometimes works fri & sat Eve's so I put dss to bed on those occasions.

Tonight when putting dss to bed I say might night love you dss, to which he replies 'love you too'

Such a good feeling for me as its the first time he has said it. Not sure when I first started saying it to him, but so nice to hear it back. (He is 6 nearly 7 for context).

Queenofknickers Sat 16-Nov-13 22:17:17


strawberriesandplumbs Sat 16-Nov-13 22:17:26

Ohhhh how lovely, you are doing a fabulous job.

stella69x Sat 16-Nov-13 22:21:10

Thank you xxx

Afiach Sat 16-Nov-13 22:21:59

That's fantastic, he must feel safe and secure in your company. smile

stella69x Sat 16-Nov-13 22:33:27

Is all so more poignant as have had 'difficulties' with dd(11) and she now lives with her dad. Been questioning my parenting but I can't be all that bad after all?

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